Anonymous said: headcanon question: what jobs do you think the killjoys had prior to.. well, everything? and what do you think they wanted to be when they were little, too? <3

OH MAN. Okay, so some of this is answered in previous questions, but I’ll do some quick sum-ups here.

Party Poison: He was just working in basic administrative work before they left BC. Secretary stuff. I don’t think he ever had big “when I grow up” dreams. He was more concerned with what he needed to do at each given moment, and it’s not exactly as if his future was So Bright.

Kobra Kid: Never got a job! He was only a few months out of high school when they left BC, not to mention kind of against…everything. I think he probably had crazy dreams of being a pirate or a rockstar up until he was sixteen even.

Fun Ghoul: He worked for a long time as an Army man after dropping out of college, and then as an Exterminator after that. But when he was a kid, he wanted to be a scientist.

Jet Star: He actually ended up in BC because he was working with the Peace Corps! He was a college graduate, probably going into astronomy and research after he finished his stretch with the Corps. He always wanted to be an astronaut.

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