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AND HERE’S PART TWO of Rena’s MCR/SPN crossover commission: Gerard and Mikey as HUNTERS. Mikey is, of course, the demon-blood-sucking psychic little bro, but they’ll both beat your head in.

if you’s an evil witch, that is

part one over here!!

Kraken behaved exactly how he was supposed to behave…and Spaceboy…he was interesting. In writing the series, I started to realize that this guy is kind of a jerk. If you pay attention to any argument between him and any other character, he’s the only character that goes for the throat. He’s the one that really knows how to hurt the other brothers and sisters, and has a lot of personal angst on his own. He started off as this heroic superhero guy, and ended up being the meanest one, and it has everything to do with his own personal problems, which are numerous….

…I made [Reginald Hargreeves] an alien…and I’m working through the question of that that means for the children, rather than what that means for the universe. In certain ways, it was more about what questions the Umbrella Academy was asking that made it post-modern. Not the implication of an alien itself – I mean, who cares? The question is, what does an alien dad do to his special kids?
Gerard Way with Newsarama on Dallas
this looks like a nice comfortable bandwagon

this looks like a nice comfortable bandwagon



gerard pls

guys guys please no it’s not that great 

stop making it sound great

1) Gerard could make picking scabs sound great, come on.
2) It WOULD be great for those of us who are just starting to makes comics and have no idea what the fuck we’re doing because everything we know about making comics was learned in a “How to Draw Manga” instructional book when we were thirteen.
3) UNRELATED, BUT IT’S BEEN ON MY MIND: I love how Kevin Smith is the one fucking guy on the planet who can say all the things we’ve all been thinking/creepy-saying on tumblr without it being weird. “Gerard, you are literally a fairy. Get in my pocket, I’ll feed you peanuts, life will be great. Isn’t he adorable, folks? Precious pumpkin pixie.”

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Gerard, what are you five? Get your hands out of your mouth. Stop that. Shoosh.



Gerard, what are you five? Get your hands out of your mouth. Stop that. Shoosh.

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pictures of gerard and lynz make me really uncomfortable because gerard always looks like

while lynz looks like

reblogging for “wife 4 life”

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